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We are speakers and experts on topics such as
entrepreneurship, startup investments, growth & scaling, 
women & finance, diversity & inclusion.

As a public speaker, I specialize in delivering impactful insights on Entrepreneurship, Investing, Female Finance & Empowerment, Leadership, Business & Growth Strategy. With a focus on empowering audiences and navigating the challenges of tomorrow, I am committed to inspiring and equipping individuals and organizations for sustainable success.

Désirée Dosch

More about my work


An abstract of events where we took part as expert speakers.


Alvicus has contributed as an expert to the following publications.


Improving Financial Services for Women
- Cornerstone Advisors, 2020

Cornerstone Advisors surveyed consumers and asked experts to understand how men and women manage their finances, and to identify their perceptions, attitudes and beliefs about financial management and financial providers.


Female Finance Report

- MoneyToday, Keen Innovation & EWPN, 2020

Why it is worthwhile for FinTechs and financial service providers not to answer specific wishes and needs of women with standard solutions.


Focus Modern Woman

- Tagesanzeiger, 2020

In an interview for Tagesanzeiger "Fokus" Désirée Dosch talks about her path to professional independence.


Women in Financial Services Report 
- Oliver Wyman, 2020

The latest edition has found that the industry is finally making progress on gender diversity in the workforce. Mindsets are shifting and, as a result of hard work and commitment, progress is beginning to be reflected in the numbers.

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