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Misty Slopes


As an Alvicus client, no matter your size or need, we advise you with the right level of service and respective tools to bring you forward.


As our client you receive innovative consulting service with a strong focus on future impact, financial investment support, specific actions to achieve your goals and access to a global business network.


Our mentoring empowers women entrepreneurs to realize their purpose so they can successfully build and grow their businesses.

Interested? Book directly a free appointment in Désirée's calendar.


Based on the analysis of your existing business model, new potential is identified.


Thanks to a broad catalog of measures, you can serve existing customers better and win new ones.


Do you need support with the implementation? We enable sustainable integration.


Regular monitoring allows you to check the implemented measures for their success.

Segment Expertise

Segment Expertise

Shoppers are becoming more diverse, their life situations more complex and their needs more individual. What makes tomorrow's clients ’tick ’ and how can I prepare for them?


We help you to understand your clients and their needs and to use their potential.

Inspecting Jewels
Client Expertise

Client Expertise

Your employees and digital applications are the most important mouthpieces, get the best out of them.

• Recognizing and preventing unconscious bias

• Stumbling blocks in counselling

• Buying behavior and needs of tomorrow

• Making the right use of digitalization and networks

Market & Digitalisation

Marketing & Digitalisation

Digital information gathering is here to stay. But how can it be optimally used, integrated into processes and adapted to the needs in order to offer the client a digital experience?


Create a unique client experience with us.

Diversity & Inclsuion

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity is more than just gender, origin and skin colour. It is much more about breaking a homogeneous workforce and enriching it with new views, ideas, perspectives and knowledge. Diversity also has a positive impact on innovation and business growth.


Experience the potential of diversity.

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.

Albert Einstein

We make the complex simple! Alvicus accompanies companies and private individuals from strategic research to implementation. With our cooperation, we guarantee you and your clients success and sustainable growth.

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