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Would you like to prepare your company for the future - ensure stability, security and continues growth? Together we'll make sure that you, your employees and your company is ready and equipped for the changing needs, requirements and trends to come. 

Alvicus AG has been founded by entrepreneurs to support companies and startups to move their business forward to the next level.


Our Services

Growth. Decoding. Marketing - our focus, expertise and passion. 



Our lives, the way we consume and behave is changing very quickly. How do you keep up with this?

We develop and activate brands strategically, we help you to advance or define your identity beyond the look and feel – with personality, trust and emotions.

We offer holistic and integrated marketing and communication support from strategy to execution, across all channels. 

Why should you care?

  • marketing and communication is a very powerful tool - if done right

  • You need to talk the language of your client, which isn't that easy

  • you need to stand out, be an early mover and innovative to keep up with need of the future generations


Do you really know what your clients need? Not only today, but also in the future? Do you know what the younger generation or the biggest purchasing group 'women' 

expects from you?


Together we prepare you, your company and employees to benefit from the changing needs of your clients! 

Why should you care?
Because you'll be...

  • a step ahead of your competitors

  • prepared and ready for the future

  • secure and ensure continues corporate growth


Regulatory, legal, risk, compliance, operations and IT - something that is very important but most likely not your key business. This is why we're here for! You should take care of your key business while we'll make sure everything else is running smoothly. 


Extensive de-coding of complex legal requirements into tangible tasks to ensure corporate stability and growth is one of our main expertise.

Why should you care?
Because you should...

  • not be worrying about being compliant

  • be prepared and ready for the future

  • ensure smooth corporate growth


Who we are

We are the founders and managing partners of Alvicus AG,
but also investors and optimists.


We have decades of experience in technology and finance.
Including C-level management, strategy and growth consulting as well as keynote speeches and expert advice for specific topics.

Désirée Dosch

Expert for segment and growth strategy, project management and marketing.


She has professional experience mainly in the financial industry. In her previous role as Head Women Segment at a major Swiss bank, Désirée developed, managed and implemented the female segment strategy. And she is holding an MBA degree from Australia and South Korea.

Her passion: women and finance, female empowerment, diversity and inclusion.

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Manuel Eppert

Expert in finance, legal, risk, compliance, operations and IT.


Extensive de-coding of complex requirements into tangible tasks to ensure corporate stability & growth is his main focus. 

He is a passionate entrepreneur since many years, brings +15 years of experience in various management roles in Financial Services, Regulatory & IT. 

His passion: empowering people and bring the right ones together.

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Our clients are national and international financial institutions, traditional medium firms,
award winning start-ups and social enterprises with significant impact.

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Manuel is a great asset to our team and no ordinary consultant. Thanks to his support, engagement and expertise, Boomerang Ideas managed to scale up its business fast and to onboard new clients in a very short time.

Boomerang Ideas

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