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The Alvicus Tote-Bag

Only 1 month old, but already travelling around the world - our new Alvicus Tote-Bag has travelled from Zurich over the Swiss mountains to Mauritius!

We thank our network, partners, supporters, friends and family for the great pictures we have received from them!

We are very proud of our branded Tote-Bag, which reflects our core values and ethics. It' designed by Totelly-Yours. A company started and owned by one of our own employees, Ishana Rana.

Want to see the creation process? Perfect, check out the video below!

At Alvicus, we not only want to support and work with women who are on their way to unlocking their full potential, but we also want to open new doors for them along the way using the "Alvicus Key"! This bag symbolizes our mission to help women in any way we can!

Orange lilies symbolize energy, warmth, confidence and honor; they are the perfect flower to express admiration for the achievements women have made so far in history. Women are a key part to building thriving economies, communities and businesses.

Enjoy not only carrying things, but aesthetics and meaning as well!

Where has your bag already been to? Share some more pictures with us through .

You don't have one yet? get in touch ;)

Check out Totelly-Yours! They have more designs centered around stories from different cultures infused with henna-style art.

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